Shane A. Gleason

Assistant Professor
Department of Social Sciences
Political Science Program
Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
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Working Papers

    Law and Courts

  • Shane A. Gleason. "It's All In What You Say and How You Say It: State Attorney General Amicus Brief Success."

  • Shane A. Gleason. "Gender Norms in Oral Arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court."

  • Shane A. Gleason and Robert Howard. "State Supreme Courts and Shared Networking: The Diffusion of Education Policy."

  • Shane A. Gleason and Kristin Renberg. "A Network of Friends: Citations Between State Supreme Court Justices."

  • Shane A. Gleason, Scott A. Comparato, and Christine M. Bailey. "A Network Model of State Supreme Court Citations."

  • Robert M. Howard, Christine Roch, Susanne Schorpp, and Shane A. Gleason. "Power, Constraint and Policy Change: Courts and Education Finance Reform." (book project).

  • Other Fields

  • Shane A. Gleason, William Eveland, Scott McClurg, and Hyunjin Song. "The Structural and Personal Determinants of Political Disagreement in Social Groups." (Under review).

  • John A. Hamman and Shane A. Gleason. "The Rising Tide of Amateurs in Gubernatorial Elections."